The Symbol Chaser - The gallows of Changbai

Het zomerseizoen is aangebroken. De studie is even klaar, dus het schrijven is weer begonnen. En om de zomer lekker te starten, bij deze een nieuw kort verhaal van Sasha de symbolenjager...

“Sasha.” The sound of Lisa’s voice interrupted a blissful sleep. “Sasha.” The warlock decided to comfortably ignore the distant words. “Sasha!” This time the words were shouted too close to his ear to ignore. He shot upright, banging his head against the top bunk. Lisa was standing at the window of the compartment they had stayed in for the past few days. “What?” he grumbled. “We’re there.” He got up, rubbing his head. He was sure it’d bruise. Outside the landscape glided by slowly. The rhythm of the train was less rushed than it had been when Sasha laid his head down, indicating they were approaching a station. It was dusk. A pale strip of sunlight was visible over the horizon, providing a nice contrast between the intense darkness of the Chinese countryside, where modern conveniences like street lighting didn’t appear to have taken hold, and the last remnants of daylight obscuring the stars in the night sky.

Sasha sensed it now that he was fully awake. He felt the presence of symbol magic. It was faint and distant still, but he could sense it. And once the scent was with him, he knew it was only a matter of time before he found what he was looking for. It had been an interesting development, this trip. Usually he had to hunt symbols based on ancient information, or simply because he arrived somewhere in the world and his senses told him there was a symbol nearby. But this time they had been summoned. Summoned to a remote Chinese province, to the side of a volcano, where apparently someone needed help of a magical nature. What exactly the problem was, hadn’t been specified. But the provided first class tickets for both the airplane and the train ride from Shanghai to Changbai made it easier to go and take a look. Now that he was here, he was happy he had done so. The magic he sensed was powerful. And more to the point; it felt young, alive even.

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