The Symbol Chaser

The Symbol Chaser is een verhaal, geschreven om enkele personages te introduceren in de Wachter Kronieken verhaallijn. Voor het eerst uitgebracht in augustus 2014 ter gelegenheid van de introductie van tweetaligheid op de website.

Hieronder een kort stuk uit het verhaal:

It was raining. Water poured from the skies. The occasional lightning bolt shattered the heavens and thunder rolled overhead as a cloaked figure walked a lonely walk down an empty road. The smooth asphalt glistened under his boots. The cane in his right hand was there more for show than for support. The rhythmic tapping of the metal tip on the ground followed where he went. Despite the weather, the man in the cloak seemed upbeat. His stride was quick and confident, his back was straight and he had a smile on his face. Even though he was clearly soaked to the bone. He pulled his hood a bit further over his eyes as a gust of wind tried to pull it back.

The road bent through the hills. Now and then a few trees provided some cover from the rain, but most of the landscape was open grassland. The road was sided on both sides by low, stone walls. As was common in most of Wales.

Why was he upbeat? Even though the weather gave him no reason to be? He was upbeat because he was on the scent. He was on the scent of something big, something unlike anything he had encountered in a long time.

Dowload het hele verhaal hieronder.